Gay and Bound is an amazing website for those who have a gay bondage fetish. A meeting place and a resource for the Gay bondage fetish community. We wanted to put together a place for people fascinated and needing to fulfill their gay bondage fetish needs.  What do other people curious about the gay bondage fetish lifestyle want in a website? What are some of the most common fetishes? Is their a way for beginners and experienced gay bondage fetish enthusiasts to get the bondage gear they want without getting ripped off? We personally looked at what we would want in a bondage website, put it all together and created


While looking to purchase the gear that we needed for our gay bondage fetish exploration, we noticed many had either high prices or low quality. We then did the research to find the best stores with the highest quality bondage gear and formed an affiliation so we could offer our visitors discount codes and sales from these bondage stores. Some of our exclusive affiliate store include:

The Stockroom

The Male Stockroom

Extreme Restraints

Mr. S Leather

Adam Male

Adam & Eve


By navigating the My Bondage menu, you can browse the discount deals by store or by type of gear. You will also find a brief summary of each of the My Bondage Fetish affiliated stores.

Gay Bondage Fetish featured stores

View Our List Of Best Gay BDSM Stores

HIGH QUALITY AND WIDE VARIETY OF GAY BONDAGE IMAGES AND VIDEOS has Gay Bondage Fetish images, free video clips and downloadable content. The content is from the leading gay bondage fetish movie producers. The images and videos are from legal and safe production companies and of the best quality. We also offer our free video tube with hundreds of updated tube videos and our very own Pay Per View Theater.

Gay Bondage Fetish

Photo Galleries


Gay Bondage Fetish Video Feed

Video Feeds


Gay Bondage Fetish Theater

Pay Per View Theater


Gay Bondage Fetish FREE Video Tube

FREE Gay BDSM Video Tube

Why sign up for FREE?

To start with, you have access to all of our amazing high quality, hard to find gay bondage fetish photos and videos. Our cutting edge photos and videos are updated often. You can take advantage of our outgoing link to the producers of our material to gain discounted memberships to their full arsenal of images.

But images is not our main  attraction for our visitors. We offer updated discounts and promo codes for all the main stores selling gay sex toys, gay bondage fetish play products. Our members enjoy a 50% off discount at Adam and Eve as well as a link to a daily deal item at The Stockroom, the GAY Stockroom and Extreme Restraints (two of the best store for high quality gay bondage fetish gear). We also find great deals on individual items and post them for you regularly. We are able to do this because we have a strong affiliation with the leading sex toy and BDSM shops.

There is also our FREE gay bondage fetish video tube.  Our video tube is packed full of great video clips. If you want to watch full Gay BDSM movies, sign up via our discount link to our gay BDSM theater for an un-ending library of pay per view gay videos. By signing up for free for, you open the door to meet our other members, network with other gay men interested in the gay bondage fetish lifestyle. Our members enjoy a Facebook like experience with other in the lifestyle. We also have an affiliation with a few of the top gay dating websites.  If you enjoy gay BDSM, then there is now a place for you to BELONG. Don’t hesitate to sign up and sign in today!!


We offer an opportunity for like minded people or interact in the BDSM and Fetish community. We offer a free sign up for Date Link and They are two of the leaders in BDSM match making.


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